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- 5/13/2023 - Posted on Google
Purchased a new condenser from them, had them to install it. They left trash that our new unit came in , in our back yard. Had to be called back to clean up and haul the trash off. Pleased with cold air that we have but still waiting in them to come back and gave city of cushing to do an inspection. Been waiting since april 27th and they haven't showed up to do this yet. I asked a couple of days after installation when were they going to have their work inspected? So, ...still waiting.
- 11/27/2022 - Posted on Google
New unit quit in 2021. Refuses to come look at it. No service once he got his money he was done with us!!!!!
- 11/3/2021 - Posted on Google
The business replaced the motor on my central heat and air in May. The motor has quit working and I cannot get Brandon to return my numerous calls to replace a motor that is under warranty.
- 12/10/2020 - Posted on Google
I built my house on a paycheck to paycheck basis. Since my self employment is taking care of the dying money is never a guarantee for me, So I paid in full the whole of his bid on my heat and air job. In the middle of 2018 I finally had it paid, but construction goes in bits and pieces and so does my income. Finally just recently I am far along with my home to finish the job. He was an honest man and finished my job. He didn't say oh it's been too long I need more money, or make any excuses because of the timing of my construction. Now my home is nice and cozy. I'm thankful for his good integrity. Tammy Barrett Cushing Oklahoma
- 4/29/2020 - Posted on Google
- 11/1/2019 - Posted on Google

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